Einfach fühlen, einfach sein

A new song with the incomparable and unique Jasmin Perret has just been finished. And we also made a quick music video for it. "Einfach fühlen, einfach sein" ("Simply feel, simply be") is a ballad that just fits these times now. It's also one of the first German-language songs Jasmin and I have done together in all these years. Have fun with it.

Let you follow me

I have finally managed to realise an old idea. I wanted to project different graphic elements onto different surfaces with a projector and then film them again. The result is a music video for a song together with Jasmin Perret from my last album "On the Rhodes again". It was filmed at an abandoned mill in the Palatinate.

An uncertain border (2019)

Child abuse in cyberspace and grooming are unfortunately still a sad reality! This makes a film like "An uncertain border" (Un confine incerto), which approaches this taboo subject sensitively and beyond common clichés, all the more important. The Italian director Isabella Sandri spent years researching the Roman police for the script and was intensively advised by the children's rights organisation Save the Children. A fascinating mixture of realistic psychological thriller and sensitive outsi...

Premiere and Concert

Almost exactly two years after the shooting, the official premiere of the film "RaviGauly - Indian Music from the Palatinate" is finally taking place. Since the tickets for the premiere on December 7th are already sold out, there will be another performance on December 8th, 2019 at 19:00 with a subsequent concert at the Regina Cinema in Germersheim.
More Informationen about the event here.

CUTI - Killer on the road

How do you get a turtle, a beetle, a spider, footage from a drone and a shotgun into one video? Here's the result: a not very serious music video of the jam formation "CUTI", which was made this year in the vineyard.

By the way, there is also a Best Of album of the formation at all usual suppliers (e.g. Amazon). Just look for "CUTI - Best of 2008 - 2018". Have fun.

Titelbild The Many

The Many

As someone who grew up in a Europe of open borders and who treats each of his fellow human beings with the same respect, the trends in today's world are frightening. It is always said that all people are equal. So let us live it that way! It is time to send out a signal and to stand up for a just, open and supportive society in which I want to live. The diversity we have on this planet is an enrichment for each of us, in our lives, in our actions and trade and also in art. Therefore I am the fir...