Lucy goes Gansta (2023)

The film is just like the title: somehow cool and funny. A children's film, for which I was also part of the production team, has had its long-awaited theatrical release after a long time. The film will be released in cinemas throughout Germany on 2 March 2023. Even though the target audience is actually 8-10 year olds, you can also watch the film as an adult and have a lot of fun.

100 years Trauth (100 Jahre Trauth) (2011)

To mark the 111th anniversary, we have now uploaded the full-length film to YouTube. "100 Years of Trauth" documents the history of the confectionery company Eugen Trauth & Söhne, founded in 1911. With numerous interviews in dialect, interspersed with images from production, sales and historical pictures, not only the history of the family business is told, but also a piece of contemporary history of the southern Palatinate town of Herxheim. In this way, many regional peculiarities, charm a...

An uncertain border (2019)

Child abuse in cyberspace and grooming are unfortunately still a sad reality! This makes a film like "An uncertain border" (Un confine incerto), which approaches this taboo subject sensitively and beyond common clichés, all the more important. The Italian director Isabella Sandri spent years researching the Roman police for the script and was intensively advised by the children's rights organisation Save the Children. A fascinating mixture of realistic psychological thriller and sensitive outsi...

Premiere and Concert

Almost exactly two years after the shooting, the official premiere of the film "RaviGauly - Indian Music from the Palatinate" is finally taking place. Since the tickets for the premiere on December 7th are already sold out, there will be another performance on December 8th, 2019 at 19:00 with a subsequent concert at the Regina Cinema in Germersheim.
More Informationen about the event here.

Hiwwe wie Driwwe (2019)

After more than four years of work the time has finally come: the documentary by Benjamin Wagener and myself with the title "Hiwwe wie Driwwe - Pfälzisch in Amerika" is finally finished. On 13.4.2019 the premiere will be at the Universum-Kinocenter in Landau. Afterwards a premiere tour starts, during which even the protagonist Douglas Madenford travels specially from the USA. So it's worth coming!
More information at:

Sony/ATV - Season Greetings (2017)

Together with Johannes Bayer I made a “Season-Greetings-Video” for Sony/ATV Germany.
In the Video we experimented with typographie and old sound equipment. But more important: we had a lot of fun with colours. What a mess! =) Sony wishes merry christmas to their business partners. We also made this Making Of-Video. So, merry christmas und so forth…

Hiwwe wie driwwe – Crowdfunding

At the moment I am working together with Benjamin Wagener on a documentation about the dialect of the Palatinate region in America. For that we just launched a crowdfunding campaign.
More information about that and the project:

Morris from America (2016)

„Morris from America“ is a feature film from director Chad Hartigan. The film which is produced by Lichtblick Media will premiere at the Sundance Festival in January 2016. I was the unit manager at the shooting in Heidelberg and Berlin. On June 28th 2016 the film finally premieres in Germany at the Filmfest München. Starting on November 3rd, 2016 the film will be released in cinemas all over Germany.

Kryo (2016)

„Kryo“ is a shortfilm made in the study at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The film had its premiere at the 37th Max-Ophüls Preis 2016 in Saarbrücken, Germany. Hopefully the film will also be shown at lots of other festivals.

The Little Suitcase – The story of Ursula Michel (2014)

On 26th of January 2014 the documentary „The Little Suitcase – The story of Ursula Michel“ premiered in Ludwigshafen. The film was made for the club „Arbeitskreis Ludwigshafen setzt Stolpersteine e.V.“. Director was Kristina Förtsch.
In the end of 2015 we won the German Citizen Media Award.

Sneeze Freeze (2014)

„Sneeze Freeze“ is a commercial spot for a fictitious product. The spot was made in the study at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

100 years Trauth (100 Jahre Trauth) (2011)

„100 Jahre Trauth“ („100 years Trauth“) documents the story of the sweets factory Eugen Trauth & Sons founded in 1911. With numerous interviews, pictures from the production, sales and historical pictures not only the history of the familiy business is being told, also a part of the history of the South-Palatine town Herxheim. But above all that, there is the chocloate-coated, foamy, uncongested sweet.
Documentary 2011. 30 Minutes. Director: Christian Schega.

Dead end (Ausweglos) (2010)

Ausweglos (dead end) is the conceptional continuation of subculture. But this time the film should not only consist of animated photographs. The protagonist (played by Alexander Mohr) has been filmed and edited into the film. Running time: 7 minutes.
Together with Jan Siebel I directed the film. Further I was responsible for the complete production and the music.
Shortfilm 2010. 7 Minutes. Directors: Christian Schega and Jan Siebel.

Geldregen (Money Rain) (2009)

Geldregen (Money Rain) is a shortfilm by Jan Siebel and me, which was shot 2009 in my hometown Landau. The film was made in the study „MultiMediaArt“ at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg (Austria). It tells in three episodes the stories of lonely people who cannot change their lives with the money.
I directed and produced the film, wrote the script, built the sets and wrote the score.
Shortfilm 2009. 27 minutes. directors: Christian Schega and Jan Siebel.

Subculture (2007)

In the year of 2007 I tried to make that film, which consists of animated photographs which are aligned in different layers. length: 5 min.
In the German original version, Henning Schmidt read the voice-over. In the end of 2009, I got to know Brendan McNamee in London who read the voice-over in English.
In 2008 the film won a price as the best production in the open channels of the German state of Rheinland-Pfalz.
Shortfilm 2007/2010. 5 minutes.